Is your irrigation system ineffective? Are your sprinklers watering the street or sidewalks more than your grass or beds? Or are you still moving hoses around the yard when your timer goes off? Precision Outdoor can help! We offer a wide range of irrigation services, including new system installs with WIFI capable controllers, existing system modifications (zone additions, sprinkler head additions, rotor and riser revisions, etc), system checks and repairs. 


Why an irrigation system? Save your time and effort with an automated lawn watering system. No more worrying about watering the lawn while you’re away, or dragging a hose all over.  An irrigation system allows you protect your dollars you have spent on your lawn and landscaping by assuring healthier, longer living plants and turf.

Go for the WiFi capable to controller to have full control over your system from wherever you are! 


Precision Outdoor offers irrigation repair services and full system checks for residential, commercial and multifamily properties. We offer quarterly, semi-annual and annual irrigation check programs to keep your irrigation system running efficiently year round. Our irrigation checks and repair services include:

  • Full system checks
  • Adjusting sprays and rotors
  • Leak detection
  • Valve locating
  • Programming controller
  • System troubleshooting
  • Rain and freeze sensors
  • Electrical and wiring issues
  • Adding and adjusting zones
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Let’s talk drainage! What happens when your lawn or property grounds has TOO much water? One of the quickest ways to eliminate standing water is with an underground drainage system. The drainage system works to pull water away from the yard and out to the street to allow your yard to drain properly and keep only necessary moisture. 


Puddles may be a kids best friend, but their a property owners worst enemy. Even if your area gets a lot of rain, your yard should be able to drain it by the next day. So, why isn’t this happening in your yard? What’s causing puddles? The main causes of standing water are:

  • Low spots in your yard and landscape
  • Improper watering
  • Drainage problems with your soil

Standing water in your yard threatens the health of your house, lawn and family. Water may be the source of life, but it can also be the source of disease, struggling lawns and an unstable foundation.

When standing water builds up along the sides of your house, it puts pressure on the foundation. When the water evaporates during dry seasons, the pressure disappears too. This causes your home to shift back and forth, putting stress on the underlying structure. Over time, this can lead to an unstable foundation.

A soggy lawn is a recipe for bald spots and disease. Consistently wet grass can cause fungal diseases such as dollar spot, fairy ring, and red thread.

These diseases are difficult to combat, and fertilizer makes them worse. If you have to stop using fertilizer because of a disease, you’ll end up with a nutrient-deprived, struggling lawn. 

Standing water isn’t just a threat to your property. It’s also a breeding ground for bacteria that can harm you, your family, and your pets. Not to mention, it’s a primary habitat for mosquitos. The pesky bugs will annoy you all summer long, and they can carry deadly pathogens like Zika and West Nile virus.


Drainage issues? No problem. Precision Outdoor has you covered. Our subsurface drainage systems (sometimes known as French drains) work at the root level to remove excess water. We dig trenches to install 4″ drain pipe to keep water moving away from the areas it shouldn’t be. Box drains are installed along the drain pipe route to allow for larger water collection in basins before moving the water through the pipe. We can also tie in downspouts and gutter systems to keep rain water moving from your gutters away from your yard.

Existing system not working properly? We offer drainage repair services to existing drainage systems including troubleshooting, modifying and adding drain pipe, adding and replacing box drains and catch basins and tieing in downspouts.

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